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Developing Options, Inc. is a non-profit organization that began in 2004 to give the youth of the 77th I GRYD Zone in Los Angeles, CA choices beyond the gang violence, drug, and crime through: advocacy, education, resources, training and development and sports.



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The goal of the Developing Options program is to decrease gang activity in this GRYD Zone, and to empower the community to strive for a safer, thriving environment for our youth. Developing Options’ believes in laying the ground work and providing the conditions that inspire and create viable options for people by enabling connections to be made between communities, fostering alliances with local advocates, and developing programs that harness the power and skills community members need to effect change in their own lives.

Changing the Environment:

Decreasing Violence In Our Communities

The major risk factors targeted by our programs include:

  • Weak and ineffective parenting and poor parental supervision and relations;
  • Shattered family units and relatiosnhips
  • Multigenerational family involvements in gangs
  • Influential and charismatic gang leaders in the youth’s kinship and friendship circles;
  • A lack of viable gang-alternatives in the area such as sports or fine arts
  • Negative peer influences and delinquency in the youth’s life
  • Limited attachments to the community

Meet Our Awesome Leadership Team

Eugene "Big U" HenleyFounder / Executive Director
Nicole Davis
Nicole DavisPresident
Mark "Bearclaw" MartinVice President
Stacey Henley
Stacey HenleyTreasurer
Joi Collins
Joi CollinsBoard Member (Uneek Ladies)
Arleesha Hurd
Arleesha HurdSecretary
Brenda Jones
Brenda JonesBoard Member
Kenya Ware
Kenya WareBoard Member
Laloni Dale
Laloni DaleBoard Member

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